Comparable UK & Nottingham Print Shop Prices

We have surveyed well over 100 printing companies from the East Midlands and from across the UK, including all major or nationwide printing companies as well as most of our local competitors. We have assessed their printing equipment, their paper stock and their prices in order to analyse the current situation of printing throughout the UK.

The average price for an A1 print on 180gsm matte paper in the UK is £10 (the average in London is £15). Therefore our prices are HALF the UK average, whilst maintaining a superior printing quality compared to most.

The vast majority of printing companies in the UK use 4 ink, 6 ink or 8 ink outdated CMYK based printing equipment, mostly CAD and Production grade machines that are simply not designed for photographic printing or colour accuracy.

We only operate state of the art and industry leading Canon IPF 12 ink printing machines. Our machines where specifically designed for high level photographic and fine art printing and well as using the expanded colour gamut of AdobeRGB. We only use Canon OEM Pigment Ink, that provides the best water resistance, UV fade resistance, scratch resistance and colour range in the industry.

Lastly, we only use the very best print media. We have sampled approximately 10 different paper options of each of our current media. Because of this, we use a range of media from suppliers such as Canon, OCE, HP, Xerox, Hahnemuhle, Somerset and others in order to provide the very best media for each requirement.

For more information about our printing equipment, click on the image below:

About Us

Print House guarantee to provide the same professional level of print quality and colour accuracy compared to all large commercial prints shops and a superior print quality to any other student operated or orientated print shop in Nottingham. However Print House doesn't charge the same overpriced figures that most print shops do.

So How Are We Such Good Value?

Two reasons, firstly and traditionally the entire printing industry has been heavily price inflated for many years now and it has become "the norm" for printing companies to have huge mark ups and make huge profits on all their printing work.

We run with a significantly smaller and much more ethical profit margin compared to most other printing companies, which means that we rely on the repeat custom of our happy customers to make our money, rather than  from individual overpriced prints. However we still pay close attention to make sure that every individual piece is printed how it should be and to the very highest of industry standards.

Secondly we operate from home and due to not having the overheads of a large commercial premises, we can pass on our savings to you the customer. However we never compromise on print, and use identical paper, ink and state of the art equipment as large and expensive commercial print shops.

We have some of the absolute lowest prices in the UK, however we don't see ourselves as cheap. As we see it, we provide high quality prints at fair and honest prices, the kind of prices that large format printing should be.

So if you need large format printing, give us a try and we are confident that you will be pleasantly surprised.