- Our printing services are strictly BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. We reserve the right to turn away any customer who visits our premises without an appointment. This is partly because we provide a 24/7 service and therefore cannot wait around for customers all day every day. During quiet periods we will typically open between 9am and 9pm, but we are available 24 hours per day when busy or if your printing requirement is large enough.

- We are not a shop or commercial premises, we work from our home and we are located in a residential area, therefore we actively limit the number of people that we allow to visit our premises. We allow visitation between 9am and 9pm Mon-Fri and 10am and 8pm Sat-Sun. For the sake of our neighbours, Please act quietly and respectfully at all times when visiting our premises. We also provide a very extensive delivery service as another measure in order to reduce visitation to our premises.


- We do not provide any form or proofing or spell checking service. If we happen to notice an obvious mistake on a file before printing, then we will inform the customer so that they can correct the issue. However all files handed to use must be "ready to print" and shold be checked by the customer for errors. We take no responsibility for any spelling mistakes or design mistakes on printed material.


- We operate a fully managed colour work-flow consisting of spectrophotometer calibrated monitors, spectrophotometer calibrated printing machines, custom ICC profiles, 6400K lighting and correct soft proofing procedures via Adobe Photoshop. For advice on correct colour management, please refer to our "Printing Advice" page.

In order for a print to be truly accurate and to match the output of a customers own monitor, not only do we have to follow all of our own colour management processes, but the customer will also need to spectrophotometer calibrate their own monitor, use our custom ICC profiles, use correct 6400K lighting and correct soft proofing procedures.

Without ALL of these procedures fully in place by the customer, we cannot take responsibility for our prints matching the output of the customers own monitor.

- We will not print any material that we deem as Pedophilic, Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, Far Right, Fascist, Xenophobic, promoting Animal Cruelty or prejudice in any other manner. We reserve the right to refuse our printing services to any customer at any time and customers who try to print such material will be reported to Nottinghamshire Police.

- We have a zero tolerance policy on verbal or physical abuse. We also have no interest in serving customers who are rude, offensive or who do not appreciate our services. Customers who are abusive in any manner will be forceibly removed from our premises.


-  Our premises are extensively covered internally and externally by 1080p High Definition CCTV. All cameras record 24/7 and all recordings are kept for several months. If any incident occurs, video recordings and stills will be given to Nottinghamshire Police.

Thank You.