Please compress your files into a single zipped folder on your PC or Mac before uploading.

This will save time in both uploading and downloading, as you will not have to upload each file individually.

Please label your Folder or Files with: NAME, PAPER CHOICE, PRINT SIZE.

JPEG and TIFF format are preferred, ideally around 300dpi and in AdobeRGB colour space.

FREE Delivery to The University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University, 8.30am - 11pm (Mon - Fri) and 10am - 9pm (Sat - Sun) on single or group orders over £30.00.

*Subject to our schedule and availability on any given day, the more notice that we are given, the more likely we can deliver at a time that is best for you*

1. In order to save time both Uploading and Downloading, Please Compress your files into a single Zipped folder on your PC. You can then upload that one folder in one go.

If you do not compress your files into a folder, you will have to upload each file individually.

2. Please label your folder with: NAME, PAPER CHOICE, PRINT SIZE.

3. If possible, Please use the colour profiles of sRGB or preferably AdobeRGB as these are vastly superior in gamut to that of CMYK and will produce a noticeably superior, more accurate and more realistic print.

4. We prefer all files to be in JPEG or TIFF format, please only upload PDF files as a last resort. ALL Adobe programs will Save or Export to both JPEF and TIFF formats, and as long as the DPI is high enough, the quality will be the same as a PDF. All PDF files have to be rasterized through our Photoshop Print Utility before they can be printed anyway, meaning that there is absolutely no quality advantage to saving in PDF format. However PDF files tend to be very problematic and are much more prone to corruption, especially with very large files.

6. However, if you are creating your poster in a MS program such as MS Publisher, please save your files in PDF format, as MS programs limit the DPI or JPEG and TIFF files.

5. There is no file size limit to this uploader.

Thank You